Great Psychology Research Paper Topics


Check this list of 55 best psychology research paper topics.

  1. How comes that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise?
  2. Reasons for the females below 18 to make abortions
  3. The most dangerous dissociative disorders
  4. Steps necessary to end cyber crimes
  5. Is artificial intelligence going to dominate the planet?
  6. How do stereotypes appear in society?
  7. Methods criminals target cyber zones
  8. Substance abuse
  9. Eyewitness testimony & memory: the correlation between them
  10. Importance of following ethics in psychological research
  11. The components of modern sex education: Is it effective or not?
  12. Advantages of social education in groups
  13. Factors that impact animal behavior/growth
  14. Reasons why safe sex is the best way to avoid STDs
  15. Attention-deficit syndrome: myth to justify persons or reality?
  16. Facts that prove monkeys are the carriers of AIDs
  17. Gambling from the psychological perspective
  18. Non-experimental research methods in psychology
  19. Personality disorders
  20. Sleeping disorders. Classify different sleeping disorders by their severity, age of onset or other principles and identify possible treatment options.
  21. What makes social networks addictive?
  22. Investigate in depth adolescent mental health and peer pressure.
  23. What are the long term effects of childhood trauma?
  24. The role of social psychology in welfare
  25. How does religion affect death penalty?
  26. What is capital mitigation?
  27. People should avoid speaking of themselves as victims.
  28. Social constructionism: Definition examples
  29. What therapy is effective in treating children’s behavioural disorder?
  30. Execution: pros cons
  31. Advantages and disadvantages of DSM-5. Critically examine the manual and argue from one point of view giving counterarguments to your opinion and refuting them afterward.
  32. Explaining the need for belonging
  33. How can one read body language?
  34. Decreased attention span is bad for people.
  35. The impact of high school bullying on the mental health of teens
  36. The influence of birth order on procrastination
  37. New fields of study in clinical psychology. Research a few reputable sources and describe what developments have emerged recently in clinical psychology.
  38. Statistical techniques analysis
  39. Changing residences is good for an individual’s social development.
  40. Grisso’s tools for evaluating knowledge and respect of Miranda Rights
  41. Social hierarchy in prisons
  42. Delusions
  43. What the potential risks of depression and the preventive strategies that can be used.
  44. Emerging issues in the treatment of personality disorders. Review literary sources and find new problems in treating patients with various personality disorders.
  45. DSM-5: current prejudices. Review current debates around DSM-5 stating your position.
  46. Abnormal psychology techniques
  47. Evaluating a person-case debate by placing yourself in the shoes of one of the participants
  48. Current priorities of psychology as a practical science. Explore the current issues in psychology and speculate on what the science should concentrate.
  49. What is the impact of anxiety disorder on a person’s social life?
  50. Memories of the past affect our present emotional well-being.
  51. Practice improves not only skills but also self-esteem.
  52. The way people explain the behavior of others as they age
  53. Sexual abuse in the US families
  54. What psychological impact do various animals have on humans?
  55. Pavlov’s conditioning experiments and their role in the history

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